2 months, 13 ski resorts & 100 teas later...

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2 months, 13 ski resorts & 100 teas later...

In 2015, I reached Iran hitchhiking from my hometown Grenoble in France. But after 40 days in Iran I returned home with my heart full of joy and I was sure that I would come back as soon as possible to this wonderful country!

Passionate about winter sports, I soon realized my passion for skiing would be the best reason to revisit Iran in the future.

Once arriving home, I began gathering information about skiing in Iran... Unfortunately the information available was very limited. This was precisely when a crazy idea came to my mind: "Let's create a guide for skiing in Iran !"

I will do it

Autumn 2016: "I will create this guide".

I start to organize everything: How, when, with who, budget, cameras, website, photos, ski equipment... I tried to think of everything!

On a low budget I needed to figure out how to keep traveling the way I like: light, cheap and sustainably. I would travel by bus - it offers me the ability to travel "fast" as well as carrying easily all my equipment.

In Iran, I want to: ski, speed-ride (skiing with a small canopy) and at the same time run my project recording film and taking photos. I needed to think wisely about which equipment to bring to achieve all of my goals, well at least without buying a donkey to carry my stuff…

End of January 2017, everything is ready! I planned my trip, found the buses, packed my stuff, bought a drone... I was ready to go.

Skiing, Filming, Having Fun !

After 7 days, 3963 km of bus and a stop in Erzurum (Turkey) for skiing, I finally enter Iran through Bazargan's border.

Game is on!

Iran is huge, so the ski resorts are spread all over the country and I relied on the weather to seriously continue my project. It was February and I knew the weather in the south was getting warmer by March. I needed to be smart.

As planned, I started filming ski resorts located North-West (Khoshakoo, Sahand, Alvares). However a storm forced me to change my plan. After visiting Khoshakoo Ski Resort spending 3 awesome days in Urmia, I decided to head south.

For 15 days, I skied and filmed all ski resorts located in the South and Middle part of Iran : Pooladkaf, Kakan, Chelgerd, Fereydunshahr, Tarik-Darreh and Bijar. What a start! During this short time I met hundreds of people, drank liters of tea, skied some great powder, and enjoyed the company of locals sharing enthusiasm for my project.

After 20 days in Iran, I headed to the main resorts: Dizin, Darbandsar and Shemshak. As part of my plan, I took a few days just to ski and have fun without filming. I slept at my friend Apos place with a bunch of his friends in a house secluded in the mountain - It was just perfect! The following days I start filming and reviewing all 3 resorts just before going back to Tehran.

Once in Tehran, I enjoy some free time, visiting some friends from my previous trip, extending my visa, and skied Tochal located just above the city.

At this point I still had 4 more resorts to review on my list: Sahand, Alvares, Ab Ali, Shirbad.

I took the decision to head north and visit my friend Fahrad, who offered to go to Sahand and Alvares Ski Resorts with me. Sadly the weather was against us for about a week! I finally ended up filming those 2 resorts right before Nooruz (New year in Iran). I spent this holiday with Fahrad's family and then returned a few days later to Darbandsar where I went speed-riding for a week

I was a bit tired of filming and reviewing resorts so I decided not to go to Ab Ali and Shirbad this time… I just wanted to have fun.

It had already been 2 months since I entered Iran... I was satisfied with all the data I gathered and needed to leave the country as my visa was about to expire.

The journey back home started.

Final stretch

I left Iran with only 10 euros in cash… But when in Turkey I could finally use my credit card again!

Oh no… I forgot my PIN Number ! I changed my credit card 4 months ago, and after 2 months without using it I totally forgot the goddamn PIN!

As a result I missed the bus to Istanbul as I couldn't pay...

I finally managed to buy a bus tickets online without the PIN code. After a night sleeping at the bus station in Van, I took 5 days bus travel without eating (except bread and free snacks).

After 6 days, I was back home!

7 weeks later producing "Ski of Persia Online" - and then it was June 2017.


I need to go back and film Ab Ali, Shirbad!!

Website : https://skiofpersia.com

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