Kappak (Kopag): Balochi Games of Fighting Spirit with Health Benefits

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Kappak (Kopag): Balochi Games of Fighting Spirit with Health Benefits

"Kappak" (or Kopag), the Balochi games native to rural districts of Baluchistan. However regional areas have slightly different variations stretching along the south coast.

The game is played on soft ground: such as on beaches or grass. The playground is made into a square, which is then divided into two parts for either individuals or teams. The participants are divided into two groups, and between them lie two parallel lines, indicating a barrier they must stand behind. The purpose of the game is to make your opponents lose their balance.

To start the game, the two groups stand on each side of the line. Each participant then grabs one leg with their opposing hand, as they push their opponent until losing their balance. There are rules such as:

(a) NO grabbing, and

(b) NO striking your opponents heads!


Each group "fights" until the last team standing wins.

The benefits of the game teaches fair and equal competition for children. It also improves their motor skills, balance and strengthens joint movements, muscles and builds their fighting spirit. Not to mention vitality and respect for each other.

The Balochi game is played in rural regions where ethnic Balochi's minorities live, such as Baluchistan and scattered along the coastline of Hormozgan in Iran.

Perhaps Kappak is similar to dodge ball, yet Kappak is an older game with more health benefits.


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