5 Tips for Traveling Iran during Ramadan

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5 Tips for Traveling Iran during Ramadan

Ramadan in Iran is nothing to worry about, well provided you prepare a little. Here are 5 Tips for Travelling Iran during Ramadan with advice to feel relaxed and less "Hangry" on your next Iran trip.

It lasts for around 28 days depending on the moon, so let's get started.



#1  Eating During Ramadan


It's difficult finding meals during the day because most locals observe Ramazan (Ramadan) in Iran. This includes restaurants and fast food, with the exception of highway road stops. Most places travelers dine are closed during daylight hours, in cities anyway.

Tip: Buy fruits, snacks, and drinks to last throughout the day.



#2  Try to Be Considerate


Just keep in mind, eating while traveling Iran during Ramadan is okay under Iranian regulations. Because if you're away from home for more than 10 days, or a certain amount of kilometers, you're allowed to eat. Pretty much anytime you think fasting may affect your health while performing an activity, you can eat, and we know how tiring traveling can be. For example drivers must eat at road stops to avoid fatigue, so restaurants are open along highways in addition to airplanes, trains, and buses. However the government has been cracking down on people eating on busy streets during the day. So try not to offend anyone in public by eating in front of them.

Tip: You're allowed to eat, just eat somewhere quiet in cities.



#3  Feast during Sunset to Sunrise


In the evenings, you can eat your heart out from sunset to sunrise. Pretty much every restaurant, food stand and household will have food ready after dark. Perhaps this defeats the purpose of fasting. Regardless the Persian tradition is to eat breakfast (break the fast) shortly after sunset, especially with haleem (halim), which is a sort of sweet porridge with wheat and meat. Then have a proper dinner later on. More conservative Muslims will observe a stricter form of fasting, and often distribute haleem to the public on the streets, but the majority can't wait to get home and eat.

Tip: Eat like a bat, wait till the sun goes down and enjoy the night life treats.



Iran: Breaking The Ramadan Fast With Coffee In Tehran



#4  Plan your Travel Days


Try to plan your day around the season. It's often hot and humid during Ramadan so try to see the sites in the morning, and rest in the afternoons.

Tip: Enjoy the season and rotate your day. Activities in the AM, sleep in the PM, and eat or transit late night.



#5  Enjoy the Persian Street Snacks


Keep your eye out for Zulbia Bamieh sweets and various chia beverages, such as these awesome Iranian summer drinks from MyPersianCorner. They are especially popular during Ramadan.


ZULBIA BAMIEH • زولبیا باميه‎ • 2015 NAW-RÚZ RECIPE

Iranian Summer Drinks



Need to Know


So what is the Ramadan calendar this year? The dates vary slightly between Islamic countries, but for general up-to-date information about Ramadan in Iran, here's a useful link: 

So what are you worried about? Traveling Iran during Ramadan isn't so bad, well, provided you plan a little. Now you're in the spirit, here's 6 heavenly must-eats of an Iranian Ramadan feast by Travestyle.



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