Iran Tourist Bank Card

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Iran Tourist Bank Card

The Bank Melli Iran Tourist Card is a transaction card in Iranian Rials issued for tourists while traveling in Iran. The card avoids the need to carry large sums of cash while in Iran. It can be used in whole Iranian banking system. Cash in foreign currencies are deposited onto the card with a designated expiry date based on the travelers itinerary. The Iran tourist bank card makes Iran tourism easier.



About the service


A Tourist Card is given to clients with exclusive passwords. There are two passwords for each card. The first password is used to buy with POS transactions, and the second password is used for internet purchases. However both passwords can be changed by the holder of the card at any time.

Specifications of Tourist Card:

1- It can be used through whole Iranian banking system

2- Cash can be withdrawn only in BMI ATMs.

3- Funds can not be transferred to Tourist Card

4- Cards can be used to buy through internet, their passwords can be changed and funds can be transferred from Tourist Card to other cards.

5- The remaining cash in Tourist Cards can be converted to foreign currencies and paid to customers.

6- The expiry date of Tourist Card will be the date when clients’ visas are expired.

7- The limit of charging these cards in $ 5,000

8- Customers can be informed about the remaining balance of Tourist Cards through Bank Melli Iran’s website (www.bmi.ir), all ATMs throughout the country, and all POS systems.

9- Customers can take billing statements and be informed about the breakdown of their Tourist Card transactions in BMI ATMs.


Need to Know


There are both travel cards and gift cards. The travel cards require more time to register your personal information, in return travel cards record more transaction data and have more customer functionality. However gift cards require less information, whereby security and functionality is more limited. Here is an official link from the Bank Melli Iran and a useful article comparing the cards specifications in more detail.




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