Sialk Hill - Tappeh-ye Sialk Kashan

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Sialk Hill - Tappeh-ye Sialk Kashan

Kashan isn't just popular for its rose water, bath houses and mansions. Sialk Hill is an ancient treasure worth visiting, and being only 4 km west of Kashan near Fin Garden, it can't be missed - here's why.

The Sialk ziggurat was built around 3000 BC, however a joint study between France and Iran verified the oldest remains at the settlement are dated to 5500–6000 BC. This bears testament that this region was one of the primary centers of civilization during pre-historic ages.

Tepe Sialk Tappeh-ye Sialk

By some accounts, although not all, Kashan was the origin of the three wise men who followed the star that guided them to Bethlehem to witness the nativity of Jesus, as recounted in the Bible. Whatever the validity of this story, the attribution of Kashan as their original home testifies to the city's prestige at the time.

The burial grounds at Sialk, and the entire settlement around it, is thought to have originated from the large water sources nearby, and quite remarkably the prestine underground waters still run today. The Cheshmeh ye Soleiman ("Solomon's Spring") has been bringing water to this area from the nearby mountains for thousands of years. So much so, that from the barren desert landscape manefests the story of Fin Garden, but it's much more than a story.

Most of the artifacts from the original Sialk dig ended up at the Louvre in Paris, British Museum in London and the the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. However some remains can also be found at the National Museum in Tehran and at the archaelogical site itself. Today the Tappeh-ye Sialk is nothing more than an ongoing archaelogical dig with some history scattered like memories. This is why Kashan is still full of mystery and adventure.

Tappeh-ye Sialk - Just another reason to travel to Iran.



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