Maranjab Desert Kashan

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Maranjab Desert Kashan

Maranjab Desert

Located close to the ancient city of KashanMaranjab Desert is truly one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran with mesmerizing golden sand dunes.

Deserts in Iran are fascinating not just because of their unforgettable scenery, but also because of their long, ancient, and enchanting history.

Here are the top reasons to visit Maranjab Desert :

  1. Maranjab Desert has regular cheap desert tours from Kashan City;
  2. Wander the ocean of long and sandy hills with pockets of oasis cities in a beautiful arch. Aran va Bidgol itself is an oasis city very close to Kashan;
  3. The incredible salt marshes (Namak) around Maranjab can be seen for most of the year (unless wet season);
  4. The Dastkan Historical Wells are located in the Eastern Desert, where countless caravans of camels had been drinking during the Silk Road trading years;
  5. Maranjab castle and caravanserai on the Silk Route broke up the trip between Khorasan, Isfahan, and Rey, with many traders passing this way. This was the ancient Silk Road through which the empire's commerce prospered; and
  6. The tallest sand dune around Maranjab is a whopping 70 meters high.


Maranjab Desert Tour Kashan


Now for some brief history. When attacking Uzbeks and Afghans travelled through the Salt Lake onto to Kashan and Isfahan, Shah Abbas decided to throw up a military base in the region to prevent the threat. The top inn was actually in the form of observation bunkers where armed guards in the castle ensured the passage was always safe for goods and travellers from China to Europe and vice versa in the region.

An aqueduct brought a big pond full of salt water (Namak Lake) in the desert making it a truly unique phenomenon. Being located near Aran Bidgol desert city, it's only 50 km north east.


Maranjab Desert



Maranjab Desert' Location

When it comes to taking desert tours in Iran, the distance of the trip is very important, so for this reason it’s a perfect trip if you’re passing through Kashan.

Obviously, desert tours are rarely luxury tours; there is the desert sun, the poor roads and hot winds that feels like a hairdryer in your face. However tourists all want to get a glimpse of Iran deserts, and what better place than from Kashan, the popular base for Iran Day Tours to the desert.

Why not combine Maranjab with your transport from Tehran? Start from any desired hostel/hotel in Tehran to visit Maranjab Desert and its nearby attractions, then get dropped off near your Kashan Hotel OR/ return to Tehran where you started. Simple.



Maranjab Desert Tour Salk Namak

Maranjab Desert Trip



Maranjab Desert Caravanserai

Being a vast empire, ancient Persia was not easy to cross. So what did they do? These accommodation facilities were called caravanserais, and Maranjab Caravanserai, built in the 16th century, was one of the most important ones for this reason. Maranjab Desert's Caravanserai has been renovated in recent years, but tourists often prefer to stay in Kashan and visit Maranjab on a day trip, unless they book a multi-day tour from Tehran.


Maranjab Desert Caravanserai



Book a One-Day Desert Tour to Maranjab Desert Here

Or Book a Nights’ Accommodation at the Maranjab Desert Caravanserai here.

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