Kordasht Hammam Historic Complex

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Kordasht Hammam Historic Complex

Kordasht historical hammam complex is huge, historic and renovated with love including perfect marbled floors and attractive ceiling patterns.

Top Reasons to Visit Kordasht 

-       Kordasht Hammam Complex once served as an exclusive bathhouse for royals of the Safavid Dynasty;

-       The hammam is set in a large garden with stunning views of the surrounding Kordasht mountains;

-       The wall paintings are simply spectacular inside the Kordasht hammam;

-       Natural light enters via ceiling ducts shining down to illuminate the octagonal room containing the main hammam pool; and

-       This Kordasht bath is over two centuries old and underground.


Kordasht Hammam Historic Complex


You will probably pass the Kordasht Hammam if travelling overland from Yerevan in Armenia to Tabriz. Kordasht (Kalibar) is situated on the southern banks of the Aras River in East Azerbaijan Province on the border with Armenia.


Geography and Architecture

The wealther at Kordasht lies is temperate with mild winters and hot summers.

The waters in Kordasht Hammam are sourced from the historically significant Aras River. And once warmed, the waters are fed to different pools within the bath house. It's this Aras River that demarcates the border between Armenia/Georgia and Iran, where flowing waters have carved out the river between towering mountains over many centuries.

After it became abandoned by the royals, and due to lack of maintenance, the building was in danger of demolition. However in recent years the Kordasht Hammam Complex became one of the most historic buildings in Azerbaijan.

When entering Kordasht bath house you’ll see vestibule stairs, then continue to the locker rooms (sarbineh) and enter the octagon shaped bath house with eight columns supporting the roof or dome above.


Travellers Tips

-       If closed, ask for entry at the caretaker's house at the entrance road leading to the Kordasht Hammam;

-       Best time to visit: Spring and Summer (April up to August), and other seasons are much cooler; and

-       Legal permission is not required for Kordasht hammam, and you can enter anytime when the caretaker is available.




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