Khomeini's Shrine in Tehran

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Khomeini's Shrine in Tehran

Like it or not, Khomeini is part of Iran's history, and this grand complex is representative of the significance given to this man. 


If you have made an effort to come to Iran, then you are interested by its history. So come face to face with the largest figure in Iran's modern journey. Though it was supposed to be completed more than twenty years ago, improvements to Khomeini's Shrine are still ongoing. Khomeini's Shrine in Tehran is huge and covered in controversies around its grandeur and cost. Regardless the complicated detailing is a testament to the skill of Iranian craftsmen, and that alone makes it worth a visit, whatever your opinion is of the current political ideology. It's also free, so there are no wallet excuses.


Khomeini's Shrine in Tehran is situated in the southern part of Tehran near the cemetary of Behesht-e-Zahra, which is more of a garden suburb for the dead. The buried martyrs of the revolution are close to Khomeini's shrine, so it's more symbolic than anything else. At 40 days after Khomeini's death, the shrine consisted of only the grave and burial chamber. The present facilities and expansions were made later on. The building has a dome eight meters tall with four minarets on the corners of the building.


However conservative media have slammed the modifications to Ayatollah Khomeini's mausoleum. The ayatollah led Iran's Islamic Revolution in 1979, and his supporters say he had an austere lifestyle, living in a simple house until his death in 1989. Some warned that it could put off destitute people, who Ayatollah Khomeini described as "the real owners of the revolution." So both conservative and opposition groups have criticised the "extravagant" building.


In any event, the most Iranians describe Khomeini's Shrine as a "magnificent and national project," and indeed the complex is breathtaking.



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