Kandovan Laleh Rocky Hotel Complex

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Kandovan Laleh Rocky Hotel Complex

About 60kms outside the northwestern city of Tabriz lies the troglodyte village of Kandovan. Similar to Cappadocia in Turkey, and Maymand in Kerman, the people here live in cone-shaped caves cut out of dormant volcano rock at the foot of Mount Sahand. 

Nestled within the 800-year-old village, the Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel has been literally hand-carved into the rocky landscape. Creating 16 luxury and modernized hotel rooms, each a cave, or "karaan." However there are up to 40 hotel rooms here.

According to local lore, the mineral water sourced from Mount Sahand has been long valued throughout Iran for its medicinal properties. This is because it originated in the biblical Garden of Eden.

Hotel Guests can take a relaxing soak in the precious liquid. If there's a jacuzzi in the room, the mineral water gets pumped in directly. Or for something less traditional, there is a natural stone audio visual theater.


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For general information on the hotel, the below link has detailed information, photos, and a map: 


Address: Kandovan Tourism Complex, Osku, Tabriz

Getting there: An hour drive from Tabriz City.  

Telephone: +9841-33224951-7




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