1. Half Day | Shiraz Walking Tour

Half Day | Shiraz Walking Tour Art and Culture Tours

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Travel to Iran. Join us on this half day Shiraz Walking Tour. From it's beginnings as a Elimite village "Tiraziš" (2,000 BCE), to the capital of the Zand Empire in the 18th CE. From the scholars and poets, to Shiraz's grapes and flowers. Avoiding most foreign invasions, Shiraz represents today what is arguably the most relaxed and artistic city in the region. Bursting with poets, literature, grapes and flowers, this tour will show you Shiraz as it was meant to be seen; by walking inside the alleys of the Vakil Bazaar and through the royal citadel، bathhouse, and exquisite architecture and artwork. Our expert guides will take you where buses simply can’t go, while breathing life into the stories of Shiraz. While the tour lasts an average of 4 hours, the time may vary depending on what the guide thinks is best for your group! Welcome, compare all the Iran Tours, and JOIN US on a journey inside the former national capital of Iran!

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