1. 8 Days | Raghaz Canyoning & Rafting Tour

8 Days | Raghaz Canyoning & Rafting Tour Nature and Eco Tours

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Travel to Iran and join us on Raghaz Rafting & Classic Iran Tour. If you're an adventurous traveller and love the outdoors, then try out this Iran Rafting & Canyoning tour! While in the area come visit some Baktiari nomads and remote villages in the Zagros mountains. But don't forget the best highlights in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and the Achaemenid treasures of Persepolis and Pasargad. On this Adventure and Nature tour you will also experience some special treasures in Iran's history, including the most famous architecture and wonderful UNESCO sites. This adventure will show you Iran like none other: not only full of countless unique attractions, but also not-yet-visited for most Iranian and foreign travellers. Compare the other tours, activities and hotels throughout Iran. Book Now.

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