1. 1 Day | Hamedan and Ganjnameh Inscriptions

1 Day | Hamedan and Ganjnameh Inscriptions Art and Culture Tours

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Travel Iran. Come to one of the oldest cities in the world to see Hamedan (Ecbatana) on the edge of the Fertile Crescent "Cradle of Civilisation". It's a fertile green stretch of land at its foothills of the Alavand Mountains. The city’s special nature and historic sites attract tourists in Spring through to Autumn. In the pre-historic times, it used to be the capital of the Median Empire and one of the capital cities during the Achaemenid times. It is also mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. Ecbatana was first excavated in 1913 by Charles Fossey. On this tour around Hamedan you'll get to see Babataher's Tomb, Alavina Dome, Avencina's tomb (father of modern medicine), Hegmataneh Museum (old Ecbatana site) with Kaboutar Ahang excavations which revealed stone age tools and pottery from 1400 to 1200 BC. The tombs of Ester and Mordecai's (Jewish prophets) are also on this tour. These are most widely believed to be the burial places of the biblical Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai, it is the most important pilgrimage site for Jews in the country. The tour will also visit the famous 2500 year old Ganjnameh Inscriptions from Achaemenid kings Xerxes, and end with Ghorban Tower and the Lion's Statue. Compare all the tours, activities, hotels and restaurants around Hamedan. Book Now.

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