Haft Khan Restaurant Foreign Cuisine

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Looking for the best restaurants in Shiraz? Compare the Shiraz restaurant food guide and find Haft Khan Restaurant near Qoran Boulevard in Shiraz. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. The name Haft Khan is derived from the Shahnameh, the Persian epic poetry masterpiece of Ferdowsi. The meaning of Haft "Seven" or other conventional means "seven Khans" refers to seven homes or abodes that Rustam K used to escape from captivity. The setup is as follows. Khane Aval (The First Khan) Foroud : Down, Below (Downstairs) Khane Dovom (The Second Khan) Sindokht : Simorgh's daughter (The Ground Floor) Khane Sevom (The Third Khan ) Belian : The name of khezr prophet(The First Floor) Khane Chaharom (The Fourth Khan) Zarir : The Sohrab's son/ Goshtasb's brother and bestor's father (The First Floor Coffee shop) Khane Panjom (The Fifth Khan) Nofel : Beautiful/ Young/ Generous (The Second Floor) Khane Sheshom (The Sixth Khan) Gissia : A selected name in Shahname book (The Second Floor International Coffee shop) Khane Haftom (The Seventh Khan) Garsivaz : Strength and Stability / Afrasiab's brother (The Third Floor on The Roof). Here the words refer to the five restaurants and two coffee shops. All the names from the books can be read from the stories in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. During your stay in Shiraz compare the tourist attractions and trip packages for great holidays in Iran.

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87% Rating
1 year ago

ایلیای من

سلام اگر به شیراز سفر داشتین حتما سری به این رستوران بزنید واقعا ارزش رفتن رو در عین داشتن منوی نسبتا گرون داره ، پیشنهاد میکنم حتما کباب ها و غذای سنتیشو تجربه کنید و از لذت شنیدن موسیقی زنده لذت ببرید . به ما که خیلی خوش گذشت ...امیدوارم به شما هم خوش بگذره
80% Rating
10 months ago

رستوران هفت خوان

بسیار رستوران، زیباو دیدنی، با معماری جالب و منحصر به فرد، غذای خیلی خوشمزه با حجم زیاد؛ رفتار خوب پرسنل، موسیقی زنده، در مجموع پیشنهاد میکنم حتما برید