Aftab Gaedan Restaurant Local Cuisine

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Compare the Kish restaurant food guide and find Aftab Gaedan, a popular Persian restaurant in Mir Mohana. The restaurant serves a variety of foods on different days of the week. Dishes include chicken vishka, sour eggplant, chicken saffron, mirza ghasemi, turkish meatballs, red chicken, pot roast vegetables, oatmeal eggplant, fava beans, minced eggplant, fesenjan (walnut stew), Gilan barbecue lentils, stewed celery, meatballs Tabrizi, slice chicken stew and grilled squash and tarts. All weekday meals are served with a variety of kebabs and grilled fish, dill rice with meat or fish. Soups are served every day, and halim for breakfast Fridays and holidays. There is grilled chicken every night also. While in Kish compare the best hotels, popular tourist attractions, and holidays in the Persian Gulf.