1. Persepolis Tourism Complex

Persepolis Tourism Complex ( Hotel ) Hotel

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Looking for the best hotels in Shiraz? Compare all the cheap hotel deals and find Persepolis Touristic Complex (Takht-e Jamshid). In 518 AD, the construction of Persepolis began as the new capital of the Achaemenids in Pars. Its founder, Darius the Great, and after him, his son, Kheshayar, and his grandson, Ardeshir I, expanded this memorable collection from the era of Iran. Persepolis Tourism Hotel is located one kilometer away from this UNESCO listed site and three kilometers from Rustam. Persepolis Hotel has 18 single bedroom villas and 4 double rooms with beautiful views in a beautiful garden with a total area of ​​11 hectares with unique greenery and a dedicated restaurant to welcome guests. From the point of view in the distance, see the valuable historical works, with the cemetery of Cyrus the Great 1 km from Marvdasht. It is 55 km from Shiraz and 65 km from Shiraz International airport.. Once your Shiraz hotel booking is secured, compare the local tourist attractions and travel packages for great holidays in Iran.

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